Registration for 2014-2015 is now open to everyone! 


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Join us Saturday, August 16th for the Celebrate Woodinville Parade!  Our theme is summer fun. Bring beach buckets to hand out our fun giveaway if you would like to walk with us.  Parade starts at 11am  and we will be one of the first groups walking.  If you will be walking with us, line up for the parade begins at 10:15-10:30am, more info to come.  Look for the WTG banner. Hope to see you all there! 



Who are we?

Woodinville Toddler Group is a place where parents and their infants or toddlers can create, learn, and explore...together!  As a cooperative parenting education program, our goal is to build a community of support between parents and to provide an enriched environment where toddlers can engage in play and creativity with their peers.  Our in-class parenting discussions and additional outside parenting education events provide you with support and knowledge for your journey as a parent.  Numerous family events bring parents and children together to celebrate connection and community.


At Woodinville Toddler Group, we look forward to exploring the wonderful world of infant toddlerhood with you and your family! 


Woodinville Toddler Group (WTG) is a non-profit parenting education cooperative program affiliated with  Lake Washington Institute of Technology, serving Eastside families since 1989.


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